6 Ways to Instantly Transform Your Home

A lot of you have asked me how to transform a space for the most impact on a limited budget. As you know I am the queen of high-low, the queen of finding things that look expensive and sometimes are not. This is going to be a step-by-step tutorial on how to update and modernize your space.

The first and most impactful way to transform your space is by going to the hardware store and buying paint. That’s right. Good, old, everyday paint. Paint can have a transformative effect on old pieces of furniture. For instance, look at this credenza.

Not so attractive in its original form, but with a fresh coat of this emerald green paint and new knobs, it’s as if you have a new piece. And all you’ve bought is a gallon, two gallons at most, of paint.

Now, do not worry if you are a good enough artist. DIYs are always fun, you always learn. Watch some YouTube videos and figure out how to sand a piece of furniture and paint it so it feels fresh and new.

Paint also has a huge impact on your walls. You can have a very old, dated space and with just a few strokes of paint, you will have revamped your room and the way it looks and feels, for not too much investment.

I would also suggest adding panel molding. It can be applied directly to your walls for an elevated and expensive look. You can buy these MDF moldings by linear feet at the hardware store. They’re ready to roll and you can stick them on your walls. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that will show you exactly how to do it.

The second most impactful way to update your space is to swap out your rug. I’ve spoken a lot about rugs and what size you need for various spaces and furniture layouts, but I want to emphasize that if you change your rug, you will remake your space instantly.

I didn’t have a rug here in my foyer until I designed a rug collection with Ruggable recently. But I now have many rugs from the line all over my home and they’ve truly updated and enhanced it. I even have the camel and ivory version of the one pictured above in my dining room! This rug is called Seine, after the river in Paris. It makes the room feel much warmer and more comfortable.

Another way to transform your room with rugs is to go to estate sales or your local flea market. There are so many rugs you can find that will update or remake the area.

Tip number three to modernize your décor is to declutter. I can’t tell you how important this is. Everyone has lots of clutter. Every time you go on a trip, you buy something. Every time you go to a store, you might buy something and then you just start layering everything all over the house and then things start to look a bit junky.

So my recommendation is to de-clutter your coffee table and your bookcases. However, having said that, I found this bookcase from Urban Outfitters that I just have to share with you. If you want to display your precious objects, put them in something interesting like this bookcase.

It’s unique and a statement piece all by itself. So just have this section of your room filled with all your goodies and keep everywhere else clean and clear. I’m fine with wanting to display things but you have to do it methodically. The rule is no more than two to three items on your coffee table or any other surface.

 My fourth tip, one that I also give my multimillionaire clients, is to bring the outdoors in with fresh flowers and branches. If you don’t have a lot of time to be out buying fresh flowers and branches, bring in plants, and, if you have a green thumb, I recommend bringing in a lovely fig tree or some other live plant that is sculptural.

Bring the plants in after you’ve swapped out your rug, after you’ve painted the walls and after you’ve decluttered and you’ll see how easily you have transformed your space for not a lot of money.

My fifth tip is to get a mirror. Mirrors transform spaces like nothing else. They are the jewelry in any room. Round mirrors, oblong mirrors, square mirrors, gilded mirrors, you must have a mirror on your wall.

They bring in light, reflection, elegance and style and they elongate and widen a room. So if you are struggling to know what to do with a space, put in a mirror. It works every time.

I actually recently leaned a mirror on the wall of my den. It’s a gilded, older-looking piece from Anthropologie and I have it next to my egg chair. The juxtaposition of the mid-century modern chair next to an 18th-century style mirror and my modern lamp really brings the room together.

My final tip is to reupholster. I know this sounds scary and difficult but it isn’t. When I’m looking for an upholsterer I go to Yelp. I skip all the listings that are sponsored and go to the ones that aren’t and read the reviews. If I find a vendor who has good and trustworthy reviews with a decent amount of stars, I feel pretty confident and go ahead and test them out. I am a huge re-upholsterer.

It gives your room an entirely different look and you’re not committed to it for life. I reupholster everything. I recently found two Z chairs which were $75 each in Palm Springs. I’m going to reupholster them. It’s going to cost more than the chairs themselves but who can beat $75 and they’re going to end up looking like $1000 chairs. Do not be afraid to re-upholster. The result is major. And if you’re unsure of what fabric to use, I would just go with a neutral because you can always bring in color with art, objects and cushions.

Now go and transform your home!

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