The 7 Hottest Kitchen Trends of 2022

The days of the ubiquitous white farmhouse kitchen sink are gone. (No tears, please.) There are several major trends in kitchen design for 2022 and 2023 and one of them involves sinks – double sinks, that is. These are not sinks that are divided into two but sinks placed side by side. This setup is great for homes that keep kosher, for example, or for two people to work at the same time but avoid getting juice from poultry getting mixed up with vegetables. Personally, I never want meat to touch other food items because of salmonella and other food-related diseases and this is a way to ensure that.

In addition, sinks are not just sinks anymore. Some folks who have single sinks have integrated cutting boards and colanders. There are so many great options today that are practical as well as design forward. You can now customize your sink to the way you live.

Stainless steel sinks have been mostly reserved for laundry rooms but now we’re seeing them in primary kitchens. They look good, are made well and patina beautifully over time. Some are even scratch resistant. There are bronze sinks, aged brass sinks and more. The focus is no longer solely on the sink’s faucets but also on the sinks themselves.

The next hot trend in kitchen design is the elimination of the marble backsplash.

Yes, it was very hot to have marble backsplashes but now designers are using the glazed tile backsplash, and it’s one of my favorite new 2022 trends because glazed tile is imperfect. And we don’t want perfect kitchens and seamless looks. We want to have a little bit of that rustic, old-world feel in an elevated way.

This kitchen you can see in the photo is very on trend. It has a beautiful, large arched backdrop done in a very modern way with this glazed tile. One of the great things about glazed tiles is that they’re customizable.

You can have them made in any color, shape or pattern. And even forgetting that they’re easier to clean, they’re also more affordable. (I’m always in favor of trends that are less pricy and look elevated!) Whether the tiles are placed vertically or horizontally they look great.

Another must-have trend that is big, and I wish I had one, is an appliance cabinet. If you’re designing your kitchen you must include this trend. It will be one of the most functional design elements in your kitchen. I don’t like to see clutter but I also want to live my life. I can’t just pretend I don’t drink coffee or juice or eat toast. What do I want to do? I want to hide all my little appliances in cabinets. These are not your grandmother’s ‘80s, garage-rolling corner units. They look like all your other cabinets, are at eye level, easy to use and organize your appliances so easily. When you’re done with that toaster or coffee maker, just tuck it away and close the cabinet door and your kitchen will look clean and chic.

A fourth hot trend is the kitchen cabinet itself. Everybody always asks me, “What should I do? Should I do matte, should I do gloss? Should I do metal? Should I do wood?”  The look for 2022 and 2023 is wood but not your old wood cabinet with paneling, or shaker doors or ornate with bead board etc. Throw that look out.

We’re talking about very simple flat-panel wood cabinets. They’re warm, they’re modern. But, the entire kitchen isn’t necessarily all wood, either. We’re seeing a mélange of wood and painted wood so mix it up. Do your upper cabinets in wood and your lowers in a painted finish.

(Textured cabinets are still big, by the way, a rippling style that catches the eye.)

Another trend that I absolutely love is to have a marble outline, as you see in the photo in this kitchen. The marble is outlined on the countertops and surrounds the drawers. The cabinet trend towards wood doesn’t mean all-wood, either. Designers are mixing wood with marble. It’s an attractive use of these two materials and very fresh-looking.

A fifth trend that I love is rounded edges.  I’m doing this in my flip right now and if you look at these photos you’ll see the marble tops on these rounded edges are one inch thick. Don’t do a big thick lip. Do the trend cleanly and minimally.

The sixth trend is one I’ve been starving for. I was at a dinner with the editors of, Veranda, House Beautiful and Elle Décor, and we all agreed, editors and interior designers alike, that the biggest thing for 2022 and 2023 is color. And what color is that? Green!

Green quartzite is being used for counters, islands, backsplashes, and cabinets. Not just one particular shade of green, however. We’re talking about the entire rainbow of greens from mint, emerald and forest to sage. If you’re like me, thirsty for a bit of color, green is the way to go.

Now, don’t forget these are just suggestions. There is no right or wrong in design. If you don’t like color or the color green, no problem. Do whatever you love in your kitchen design and you will be happy.

If, however, you do want to bring green into your kitchen but it’s out of the question to repaint your cabinets, why not bring in some green appliances? Smeg makes some wonderful ones in mint green that look fresh and fun.

The final trend in kitchen design is the glass partition. It’s airy and gives you the ability to have privacy and some social distance in this post-Covid world. These partitions are typically in black metal.

Some have lights. Some are very architectural while others are industrial, some are rounded, some are clean. If you designing a kitchen and want to keep your kitchen from your dining or from another room I suggest you do a glass partition. You have privacy, and a sound barrier, and you’re on trend.

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