A Look Behind My New Wallpaper Collection with belarteSTUDIO

I’m so thrilled to finally unveil my brand new wallpaper collection, a collaboration with the wonderful team at belarteSTUDIO.

For those who might not know me, my design journey began early on. Growing up between Tehran and Beverly Hills, I was surrounded by creativity. My architect father nurtured my love for space and form, while my grandfather’s artistic spirit fueled my desire for beauty. It’s no wonder I found myself drawn to design!

After exploring fashion in Paris and launching a successful children’s boutique in Los Angeles, I finally returned to my true calling – interiors. Building my own 6,000 square foot home was a turning point, pushing design boundaries and igniting a passion that led me to establish my own design firm.

Finding the Magic: Inspiration Everywhere

Inspiration strikes in the most unexpected places! My father’s architectural firm became my playground, and weekend open house tours sparked a lifelong fascination with diverse spaces. But there’s another side to my design process – the thrill of the hunt! I love scouring estate sales for unique pieces, those hidden gems that add a touch of the extraordinary.

The belarteSTUDIO Collaboration: A Marriage of Nature and Parisian Charm


One of the most exciting aspects of designing a wallpaper collection is helping you bring your vision to life. When it comes to integrating wallpaper, choosing the perfect focal point is key. Whether it’s a statement wall behind your bed or a conversation starter in your dining area, the right placement makes all the difference.

For this collection with belarteSTUDIO, we focused on creating a sense of warmth and character. Earthy tones, captivating landscapes, and organic shapes are central themes, adding both visual interest and a touch of cozy elegance.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Mixing textures and patterns can elevate your space. Pair the wallpaper with soft fabrics or contrasting patterns for added depth. Remember, every element contributes to the overall aesthetic.




A Glimpse into the Creative Process

My design approach is a blend of natural elements and personal inspirations. For this collection, I drew heavily from the rich colors and textures of materials like onyx and soil. The influence of Paris, where I spent a significant amount of time, is undeniable. The city’s iconic landmarks and romantic streetscapes are woven into the designs, adding a touch of timeless Parisian flair.

Seeing the dramatic transformation, from start to finish, was incredibly rewarding. It’s a testament to the power of design to create lasting memories and breathe new life into spaces.

I hope this collection inspires you to create your own unique haven. Be sure to explore the collection and let your creativity flow!



Styling A Client’s Brand New Office in Miami

I’m excited to share a little behind-the-scenes peek into Dr. Apa’s newest office adventure right here in bustling Miami. After nearly two years of hard graft, we’ve finally swung open the doors, and let me tell you, it’s been a journey filled with heart and soul.

Now, amidst all the hustle and bustle, there’s one project I can’t help but grin about—the makeover of Dr. Apa’s trusty old bookcase. It wasn’t just about sprucing up the shelves; it was about infusing the space with personality and a dash of magic.

Picture this: shelves decked out with an eclectic mix of treasures, each one chosen with care to spark joy and curiosity. From quirky knick-knacks to cherished mementos, every item has a story to tell, and boy, did we have fun piecing it all together!

As we got stuck into the project, it felt like rediscovering buried treasure. Each find, from vintage cameras to funky sculptures, brought its own vibe to the mix. It was like giving the office a little personality injection, one trinket at a time.

But what really warms my heart is the personal touch behind it all. Every item holds meaning—a reminder of Dr. Apa’s journey, a token of gratitude from a patient, or a symbol of dreams yet to come. Together, they create a tapestry of memories that makes the space feel truly special.

So, next time you swing by Dr. Apa’s place, be sure to give the bookcase a nod. Who knows what stories you might uncover or what dreams it might stir up? After all, in a place filled with warmth and personality, there’s always a new adventure waiting to unfold.


Elevate Your Space with My Top Amazon Home Decor Picks

As an interior designer with a passion for creating captivating spaces, I’m delighted to share a carefully curated list of my favorite home decor items. From the whimsical Cloud Jewelry Tray to the elegant Marble Arch, these items have the power to transform any room into a masterpiece of design. In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique charm and versatility of each piece, along with creative ways to incorporate them into your interior design projects.

1. Cloud Jewelry Tray: A Heavenly Touch

The Cloud Jewelry Tray not only keeps your jewelry organized but also serves as a captivating decor piece. Its minimalist design is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to bedroom vanities or entryway consoles.

2. Handbag Ceramic Vase: Fashion Meets Function

This handbag-inspired ceramic vase is a stylish nod to fashion. Fill it with your favorite blooms or let it stand alone as an art piece. Ideal for fashion enthusiasts and design lovers alike.

3. Natural Acacia Pinch Bowl: Organic Beauty

The Natural Acacia Pinch Bowl exudes natural charm. Use it to display fresh fruit, small snacks, or as a decorative piece on your kitchen island or dining table.

4. Aged Brass Tapered Candle Holder and Stoneware Candle Holder: Romantic Ambiance

These candle holders set the stage for a romantic atmosphere. Arrange them on a dining table or mantel, and let the soft candlelight enhance your design’s ambiance.

5. Dough Bowl: Rustic Elegance

The rustic Dough Bowl exudes charm and character. Fill it with decorative spheres, greenery, or even magazines to create a unique centerpiece in your living room or kitchen.

6. Marble Knot: Elegant Minimalism

A Marble Knot is a testament to elegant minimalism. Place it on a side table or bookshelf to add a touch of modern sophistication to your decor.

7. Vintage Style Art: Timeless Artistry

Vintage-style art pieces are perfect for adding character to your space. Hang them on your walls to create a timeless, artistic atmosphere.

8. Paper Bag Vase: A Whimsical Twist

The Paper Bag Vase is a whimsical touch for your decor. Place it in your living room or home office to infuse a sense of playfulness and creativity into your space.

9. Marble Arch and Ceramic Rustic Vase: Sculptural Statements

Both the Marble Arch and the Ceramic Rustic Vase make striking sculptural statements. These items work well as stand-alone decor pieces or as part of a larger composition.

10. Ivory Candle Holderse and Flameless LED Candles: Safe and Stylish

These candle holders and flameless LED candles provide a safe way to enjoy the cozy glow of candlelight. Use them to create a soothing atmosphere in any room.

11. Wood Grain Balloon Dog: Quirky Whimsy

The Wood Grain Balloon Dog adds a touch of quirky whimsy to your decor. It’s a fun and unexpected piece that can enliven any room.

12. Foldable Catchall Holder: Stylish Storage Solution

The Foldable Catchall Holder is a versatile and stylish addition to any room. Whether you need a convenient spot to keep keys, remotes, or small essentials in the living room, or you’re looking to tidy up your workspace, this catchall holder offers a practical yet aesthetically pleasing storage solution. Its foldable design allows for easy reconfiguration or stowing away when not in use, making it an excellent choice for maintaining an organized and visually pleasing interior.

13. Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set: Functional Elegance in the Kitchen

A Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set adds an element of warmth and sophistication to your culinary space. These beautifully crafted tools not only serve a practical purpose but also act as decorative pieces when hung or displayed on your kitchen countertops. Incorporating this set into your kitchen design will enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of this vital space.

14. “Soft Minimal: Norm Architects” – A Sensory Approach to Design

“Soft Minimal: Norm Architects” is a book that encapsulates the work of Norm Architects and their unique approach to design. Their emphasis on a sensory approach to architecture and design offers a fresh perspective for interior designers. This book can serve as a source of inspiration and a valuable resource for design ideas and concepts.

15. “Axel Vervoordt: Wabi Inspirations” – The Essence of Wabi-Sabi

“Wabi Inspirations” by Axel Vervoordt delves into the world of Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese aesthetic that finds beauty in imperfection and simplicity. This book is a treasure trove for interior designers seeking to infuse their designs with a sense of serenity, authenticity, and minimalistic beauty.

16. “DISC Interiors: Portraits of Home” – A Glimpse into Artful Design

“Portraits of Home” by DISC Interiors offers a fascinating glimpse into the design philosophies of this renowned design firm. The book’s stunning photography and insightful commentary provide inspiration for creating comfortable, stylish, and livable spaces that reflect the essence of home.


Introducing My Latest Flip Project

Welcome back, everyone! I’m thrilled to take you through our latest home renovation project. This transformation was unexpected, but it turned out to be a spectacular success. Join me as I walk you through our journey of turning an older house into a stunning gem that sold faster than we ever imagined.

Our journey with this house started somewhat impulsively. After successfully completing our last project, we were itching to dive into another one. The initial plan was straightforward: purchase the house, perform a minor gut remodel, rent it out for a couple of years, and eventually tear it down to build our dream mid-century home. Life, however, had other plans.

Once the renovation was complete and the house was ready for rent, fate intervened. Someone fell in love with it, despite our minimal budget renovations, and decided to purchase it immediately. This unexpected turn of events led to an unplanned sale, turning what we thought would be a rental into a quick and budget-friendly renovation project. We decided to retain the house’s structure, including its windows and wood floors, which were in great condition. We focused on renovating every space, including bathrooms, the kitchen, and closets, while keeping the overall structure intact.

The journey through this house starts in the formal living room. We anchored the room with a stunning new rug and furnished it with budget-friendly but stylish pieces from various sources, including CB2.

In the dining room, we used a versatile light fixture that complements any table shape, ensuring the space felt open and inviting. This was a strategic move since we didn’t know what the new homeowners or renters would bring into the space.

The kitchen was a highlight of this project. We spared no expense on the stunning Calacatta gold marble countertops, creating a wow factor in the heart of the home. We also installed pop-up outlets to maintain a clean backsplash look.

The primary bedroom received a complete overhaul. We introduced new built-in closet systems that not only add to the room’s aesthetics but also enhance its functionality. The choice of furnishings and decor was deliberate, creating a tranquil retreat for the homeowner to unwind in.

In the guest bedroom, our approach was simplicity and practicality. We repainted, sanded the floors, and introduced carefully selected furniture pieces. These budget-friendly additions came from sources like Amazon, proving that you can create a welcoming space without breaking the bank.

For the nursery, we aimed to infuse whimsy and charm. This room features a beautiful hand-carved Italian crib, an heirloom piece that exudes elegance and craftsmanship. Fun elements like an oversized bear, an adorable horse, and playful ABC blocks add a touch of childhood magic.

With the rise of remote work, we knew that an inviting office space was essential. We selected a desk from Wayfair and placed the iconic CB2 Gwyneth chair in the corner. This room demonstrates that a functional workspace can also be aesthetically pleasing.

The primary bathroom, being a crucial part of the home, received the same meticulous treatment. We undertook a full gut renovation here as well, starting with the removal of the old fixtures and finishes. To achieve a sophisticated look while staying budget-conscious, we chose large porcelain tiles for the shower walls, making a statement of luxury and minimalism. These oversized tiles, measuring 50 by 38 inches, were placed vertically, creating a stunning visual effect. The same tiles extended onto the bathroom floor, ensuring a seamless transition from one surface to another. With a focus on simplicity and quality, we aimed to create a space where relaxation and rejuvenation take center stage.

Just like in the primary bathroom, we didn’t hold back in the guest bathroom. We performed a full gut renovation, completely transforming the space. The highlight of this bathroom is the beautiful hexagon-shaped tiles that adorn the floors, giving the room a unique and visually appealing texture. To keep costs in check, we paired these with large porcelain tiles for the shower walls and tub enclosure, creating an elegant contrast. This combination not only looks expensive but also keeps the design consistent and cohesive.

Now, let’s talk about a part of the house that I just couldn’t resist going all out on – the powder room. You see, I have a weakness for designing spaces that exude extravagance and beauty. So, when it came to the powder room, there was no room for compromise. We continued the flooring pattern from the main part of the house into the powder room, creating a seamless transition.

The real showstopper, however, is the custom-designed sink. I can’t help myself when it comes to creating unique pieces that elevate a space. For the sink’s material, we chose Viola marble, a stunning Calacatta variety. This marble is known for its exquisite veining and luxurious appearance. Our reasoning? We wanted whoever walked into that powder room to experience a moment of pure admiration for the house. Little did we know that this decision would make such an impact.

The exterior of the house is where the real magic happened. We transformed the backyard into a stunning oasis, with a pergola for shade, gravel pathways, drought-resistant landscaping, and elegant lighting that turns the garden into a breathtaking sight at night.

This unexpected renovation project turned an older house into a true gem. It’s a testament to how creativity, budget-consciousness, and a love for interior design can transform any space into something extraordinary.  I can’t wait to share more projects with you in the future.



Avenida Calma

I’m thrilled to unveil yet another chapter in my ongoing journey of crafting extraordinary living spaces. This client project has been a source of inspiration and innovation, and I’m excited to guide you through the remarkable transformation.

Our voyage begins in the foyer, a space designed to make an immediate impression. Wooden walls embrace you with warmth and sophistication. A wood mirror, suspended gracefully, reflects the elegance of the entryway. On either side, wall sconces with black details cast a gentle glow, creating a welcoming ambiance. An exquisite brass-wired entryway table stands as a beacon of style, setting the tone for the rest of this remarkable home.

Continuing our journey, we arrive at the powder room—a small but captivating space. Here, a peach onyx marble sink takes center stage, radiating a warm and inviting hue. The walls are adorned with hand-painted chinoiserie wallpaper from Gracie Studio, a true work of art that adds depth and character. Handmade artisanal sconces, with unlacquered brass details, grace the space, casting a soft and flattering light. This powder room is a testament to the beauty of simplicity and artistry.

Let’s step into the warm embrace of the kitchen—a space that marries style and functionality seamlessly. Warm white oak wood envelops the kitchen, creating an inviting and timeless atmosphere. A translucent marble backsplash adds a touch of luxury and intrigue, while the compact island serves as a versatile hub for culinary creativity. This kitchen is where warmth meets practicality, making it the heart of the home.

Our journey culminates in the master bath, a masterclass in marble mastery. A continuous flow of marble, from wall to floor to sink to vanity, creates an uninterrupted visual marvel. Brass accents throughout the space add a touch of opulence and refinement. This master bath is a sanctuary of luxury and relaxation, where every moment spent is a pampering experience.

This flip project has been an exhilarating endeavor, where design concepts have come to life, and each element has been thoughtfully curated. It’s a testament to the power of design to elevate everyday living.



I’m overjoyed to unveil my latest flip project, a culmination of countless hours of creativity and craftsmanship. This magnificent home has been a canvas for my deepest design aspirations, and I’m thrilled to share the transformation with all of you.

Our journey commences in the kitchen. This space is a testament to the seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality. A pristine white palette with glistening brass accents sets the tone for an air of sophistication. A Nero Marquina Low marble island stands proudly, an embodiment of luxury and practicality. With built-in appliances discreetly integrated, this kitchen is a chef’s dream come true.

Venturing further, we arrive at a versatile niche space. It houses a grand piano, a symphony in its own right, ready to serenade the space with melodic notes. Nearby, a round table with comfortable seating provides the perfect setting for intimate conversations or creative pursuits. This niche is where art and music converge harmoniously. an absolute gem—an onyx marble bar. This elegant addition exudes opulence, with its translucent, honey-toned onyx marble surface. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink, entertain guests, or simply bask in the beauty of this exquisite material.

Now, let’s explore the luxurious living room. A floor-to-ceiling marble fireplace commands attention, radiating opulence and warmth. Expansive sliding doors create a seamless indoor-outdoor connection, allowing nature to become an integral part of the design. An L-shaped couch and two accent chairs encircle a spacious glass-top coffee table, creating a cozy yet inviting seating area.

But that’s not all; a hidden gem awaits behind the L-shaped couch. Here, a curved couch faces the fireplace, flanked by two exquisite armchairs. It’s a cocoon of comfort—a place for intimate conversations and cherished moments.

This flip project has been a labor of love, a canvas where my passion for design and attention to detail have truly flourished. From material selection to furniture arrangement, every element has been meticulously considered to inspire and elevate daily living.



It is with great excitement that I welcome you to another one of my projects—a dazzling transformation that has been a brought me joy. This exceptional home has undergone a metamorphosis that truly encapsulates my unwavering passion for design and the remarkable ability to turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens.

Our journey begins in a charming nook, where a white sectional couch snugly nestles into a corner. Overhead, an original piece of art graces the space, infusing it with creativity and character. A marble coffee table stands as both a visual centerpiece and a practical surface for daily essentials. It’s a corner where comfort and artistic flair converge seamlessly.

Next, we move to an inviting gathering space, anchored by a white sectional couch and flanked by two sumptuous velvet armchairs. Adding to the ensemble, a tufted leather bench takes its place in front of the wall-mounted TV, elegantly perched atop an oak console. This setup is designed for cozy evenings, fostering conversations and relaxation in equal measure.

Now, let’s explore the sophisticated dining area. A square dining table, thoughtfully seating eight, takes center stage beneath an intricate layered ring chandelier. The ambiance here exudes sophistication and conviviality, elevating every meal to a special occasion. Meanwhile, the waterfall marble island in the kitchen adds an element of luxury to daily culinary endeavors.

Prepare to be enthralled by the stylish bar oasis. Matching open shelving showcases glassware and spirits with flair, while above, a captivating chandelier casts a warm, welcoming glow. This space seamlessly blends style and practicality, where libations and conversations flow effortlessly.

Lastly, we enter a serene bedroom retreat. Here, a custom curved wood headboard takes center stage, complete with a built-in sconce. It’s a sanctuary where tranquility reigns supreme, and each night’s sleep is a luxurious experience. And let’s not forget the walk-in closet—a masterstroke of design in its own right. Featuring a closet island in the center, it’s a haven of organization and style.

This flip project has been a testament to my unwavering dedication to crafting spaces that inspire and elevate everyday living. Each element was meticulously chosen to create an atmosphere of comfort, sophistication, and functionality.

I hope this project sparks your own passion for design and inspires you to embark on your creative journeys. Remember, your home is a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting your personal touch.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects on the horizon.



Greetings, dear design enthusiasts! It’s with immense excitement that I welcome you to my latest flip project. This venture has been a true labor of love, where every detail was meticulously crafted to bring forth an exceptional living experience. As always, I’m eager to share my passion for design and the transformative power it holds.

Let’s embark on this design journey with the heart of the home—the open kitchen. Here, we’ve created a culinary masterpiece that seamlessly blends modernity and functionality. The centerpiece is a breathtaking waterfall marble island that exudes luxury and sophistication. Oak cabinetry and shelving add a touch of glam, while providing ample storage space. This kitchen is not just a space for culinary delights; it’s a work of art that harmonizes with the rest of the home.

Step into the indoor-outdoor living room, where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors blur gracefully. Large glass doors open directly into the pool area, creating a seamless transition from the comfort of your home to the beauty of nature. This space invites relaxation, entertainment, and the joys of soaking up the sun or lounging by the pool. It’s a testament to the idea that a home should be an extension of the natural world.

The formal dining area is a showcase of elegance and style. A geometric chandelier casts a mesmerizing pattern of light and shadow, creating a captivating ambiance for every meal. The dining table is a place where memories are shared, and conversations flow freely. It’s a space where sophistication meets functionality, making every dining experience truly special.

The family room is a cozy retreat where comfort and aesthetics intertwine seamlessly. A fluted wall serves as a striking backdrop, adding warmth and texture to the room. A marble fireplace with open shelving and a marble backsplash elevates the space, making it the perfect spot to gather with loved ones and unwind.

Let’s take a peek into the bedroom—a sanctuary of serenity and style. An earthy clay plaster accent wall brings a touch of nature indoors, creating a calming atmosphere. It’s a space designed for relaxation, where tranquility and comfort reign supreme. After a long day, there’s no better place to recharge.

Last but certainly not least, we have the outdoor enclosed fire pit area. It’s a place where stories are shared, and memories are made. Surrounded by the warmth of the fire, you can enjoy the outdoors year-round. This space is a true extension of the home, perfect for intimate gatherings or quiet contemplation.

This flip project has been a testament to my dedication to creating spaces that inspire and elevate daily living. Every element was carefully chosen to reflect a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. I hope this project ignites your own passion for design and encourages you to embark on your own creative journeys.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects to come. Until then, remember that your home is a canvas waiting for your personal touch.



Welcome back, dear readers! I’m thrilled to share this flip project with you. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m bursting with excitement to unveil this stunning transformation. This home is a true testament to my love for design and the art of turning a space into something extraordinary.

Let’s kick things off with the built-in bar area, a true gem of this home. We’ve adorned it with a sophisticated palette of black, brown, and brass, creating a space that oozes elegance. The Nero Marquina marble countertop, graced with delicate white veining, is not only visually striking but also exudes a touch of luxury. Above it, black cabinetry adds a sense of depth, providing both functionality and style. Overhead, you’ll find sconces that cast a warm and inviting glow, perfect for setting the mood during gatherings.

Moving on to the powder room, prepare to be enchanted by its opulence. The focal point of this space is the wall-to-wall Calacatta Viola marble sink, paired with a matching backsplash that exudes grandeur. Flanking the sink, golden sconces add a touch of glamor, casting a soft and flattering light. An asymmetrical gold mirror hangs above, creating a captivating visual contrast. The gold sink fixtures complete the look, making every visit to this powder room a luxurious experience. And let’s not forget the harlequin tile floor, which adds a dash of drama to this lavishly appointed space.

Now, let’s step into the heart of the home—the kitchen. Here, we’ve designed a space that seamlessly blends form and function. The centerpiece of this kitchen is the cantilevered marble island, with a fluid design that transitions effortlessly into a dining table. It’s not just a place for culinary creations; it’s a gathering spot where memories are made. The herringbone floor adds a classic touch, while brass accents throughout the kitchen bring warmth and sophistication.

This flip project has been a labor of love, and I couldn’t be prouder of the results. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the choice of materials to the placement of fixtures. It’s a true representation of my design aesthetic—a harmonious blend of luxury, functionality, and style.


As always, I hope this project inspires you to follow your own passions and embark on your design journeys. Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and stay tuned for more exciting projects to come.