Revamping My Bedroom With Calico and Hunter Douglas

Every morning, I used to wake up and get blinded by the rising sun when I forgot to close my curtains at night. I was searching for shades that could seamlessly blend into the curved niche of my room. Fortunately, I came across Calico and Hunter Douglas.

Calico serves as a comprehensive destination for Hunter Douglas blinds and much more. What’s even better? Calico offers complimentary design services! Their design consultants assist you throughout the decision-making process, ensuring you pick the perfect Hunter Douglas shades for both you and your home.

I visited my local Calico showroom in Studio City, where I encountered a wide array of fabrics and window treatment choices. I particularly valued the personalized consultation with a Calico design expert, as they truly comprehended my interior design requirements. Subsequently, my Calico design expert visited to measure my windows precisely for the flawless installation. Once my custom shades were prepared, the installation process was effortless.

I opted for the cordless designer roller shades, designed to open from the bottom up, featuring a 2-inch cassette header to conceal the roller shade. I adore how seamlessly they harmonize with my windows. I selected the Swinton fabric type in the color Moorside.

Now, rather than struggling with my curtains every night, I can simply and effortlessly pull down my blackout roller shades and slip into bed.

Whatever your needs may be – be it light control, room darkening, energy efficiency, or sound absorption – Calico designers will identify the ideal Hunter Douglas shade for you. Visit your local Calico showroom today to begin your home transformation journey with Hunter Douglas shades that combine style and functionality in perfect harmony. 





Transforming My Bedroom with Lulu and Georgia

As a homeowner, there is no greater joy than transforming a space into a personal sanctuary that reflects your taste and personality. Recently, I embarked on a thrilling journey to revamp my bedroom, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. Thanks to the exquisite furniture pieces from Lulu and Georgia, my bedroom design transformation has been an exciting and rewarding experience.

My bedroom design journey began with my Loire Ivory Quartz Rug, only on Ruggable. Its captivating pattern and soothing colors set the tone for the entire space. With its practical two-piece design and cozy texture, the rug became the perfect foundation for my stylish oasis.

One of the standout pieces that I added to my bedroom is the stunning Ripple Chair, designed by the talented Sarah Sherman Samuel. Its elegant curves and the soft blush color instantly caught my eye. Placed by the window, the Ripple Chair has become my go-to spot for reading and relaxation. Not only is it visually appealing, but the chair’s comfort level is unparalleled, making it a perfect addition to my bedroom.

To complement the chair, I opted for the Anja Side Table. Its minimalist design and metallic finish add a touch of sophistication to the overall bedroom aesthetic. The table’s round shape creates a gentle flow in the room, and its size is just right for holding a cup of tea or displaying a small decorative item.

No bedroom makeover is complete without a statement mirror, and the Megs Mirror from Lulu and Georgia fits the bill perfectly. This eye-catching piece serves both decorative and functional purposes. Its distinctive sunburst design adds a touch of glamour to the room, while also reflecting light to make the space appear brighter and more spacious.

The Odelle Bench has also found its place in my bedroom, at the foot of the bed. Upholstered in a luxurious fabric and grounded by a mango wood frame, it exudes a sense of luxury and comfort. Whether I need a spot to put on my shoes or an extra seating option for guests, the Odelle Bench proves to be versatile and stylish.

Last but not least, the Whilem Round Coffee Table takes center stage in the seating area of my bedroom. Its contemporary design with a marble top and oak base elevates the room’s overall aesthetic. Not to mention, it’s a practical addition where I can place my books, a cup of coffee, or simply showcase some decorative pieces.

The transformation of my bedroom with Lulu and Georgia furniture has truly been a dream come true. Every piece added has its unique charm and personality, yet they come together harmoniously to create a space that feels cohesive and inviting. The quality of the furniture is evident in its craftsmanship, making it not only visually appealing but also durable for years to come.

What I particularly love about Lulu and Georgia is their wide range of furniture and decor options, catering to various design preferences. Whether you prefer a modern, bohemian, or classic look, Lulu and Georgia has something to offer for every taste.


Creating Timeless Beauty In My New Formal Living Room

      I partnered with Eternity Modern, an online-based mid-century furniture store with a showroom in Irvine California. And look what happened! My formal living room has been transformed by their Mario Bellini sofas and I’m so excited to share the results with you. I generally redo my rooms about every five years. But only because I have the itch. And I don’t mean that kind of itch. I mean the designer itch to redo things because my soul requires it.

       I’m sure you’ve seen Mario Bellini sofas time and time again. I tend not to decorate with items that are ubiquitous, but I have to tell you, I have loved these sofas for an eternity. And they’ve been around for at least 80 years, and are not going out of style any time soon. They might be less prevalent in five years, but that’s when I change the décor anyway. I don’t decorate to follow trends. I do it when my heart is full, meaning if I love something. I don’t care if it’s trendy or non-trendy, I just go for it.

      What I love about these sofas (which are covered in cotton velvet) is that they are composed of modular pieces, sections that you can literally arrange in a way that you feel will have the most impact. You can tie them together, you can separate them, there’s an ottoman, there’s one with arms and one without arms. As an interior designer, this is the sofa I present to clients over and over again because it can be configured in a hundred different ways. It’s the ultimate in décor flexibility and, hopefully, a good idea for those of you who are designing the living room in your own homes. Not to mention you can get the sections in a variety of different colors, giving you even more latitude for high design. You could, for instance, have your sofa’s middle piece in a rich brown and the one next to it in a creamy ivory. I thought about mixing colors but ultimately decided to go plain, simple and neutral because I want other elements in the room to pop as well. I went for ivory/beige.

      What’s also great about these pieces is that their backs and arms are tied together with rope and have rings and carabiners, which allow you to create the perfect setting you’re going for.

     Living room layouts are hugely important and they’re where I see the most problems. In fact, they’re rooms where you could usually use an interior designer. Because you can have amazing taste, but if your layout is wrong, the room will never work. You must have an idea of exactly how and where you’ll place the pieces because otherwise you end up with a room you don’t like.

    We did a 3-D visualization of my living room with the sofas in it so I could configure the sections in a way I knew would look great before they actually arrived. We did the layout on the computer, placing and replacing the pieces in positions until we found an arrangement we liked. And it wasn’t easy. This room is big, yes, but believe it or not, it’s a little tricky because we have openings on the corners, steps that come down, and things that jog in and jog out, so laying it out can get a bit complicated.

       I gave this room a complete makeover. Not only did I switch up most of the furniture but I also brought in a black olive tree from Plant Daddies which provides unique and exotic species of plants with the finest lines for the home.

     These are legit, mid-century Zanuso chairs. They came all the way from Italy and they’re covered in a fabric from Kravet which feels like cashmere, though it isn’t. They’re very old, definitely built in the 50s but their legs haven’t rusted. Yay! I just love having history in my pieces. And remember, you want to mix old with new. You can’t just buy all new or all old. Good design is the artful arrangement of different styles and textures. If you’re going to have new, you also have to have vintage and these are my vintage pieces.

      This coffee table was gifted to me by my parents, who bought it in 1978 from a store in Italy called Design Due Mille. Three weeks ago, when I was in Rome, I hunted down Design Due Mille. They don’t have a showroom anymore but they do have an office and my mom and I went and knocked on the door. The young gentleman who had helped my mom was now an old gentleman and he didn’t remember us. Until, that is, we gave him our last name, and when he heard that, his memory came back, and it was such a great moment of connecting with him. He told us most of the circle of people at the design firm had passed away, which was so sad, but showing him a picture of my coffee table, how it’s center stage in my home, made him happy.


     The art in this room is from Tom Sachs, a limited run from a very interesting artist who incorporates everyday brands into art. In this piece he’s got Chanel, Cup of Noodles and the Trojan labels together. His work kind of mocks our modern society. I haven’t committed to where I’m putting it just yet. I tend to lean my art against a wall and live with it a while until I decide where I want to put it permanently. I love that the colors work with my new living room, and frankly, I prefer a pop of color in my art than in my furniture. When I buy colored furniture I always regret it. I know some of you have also told me you have regretted putting furniture in bright colors in your rooms. The reason? Because eventually you get sick of it. I’m never going to get tired of beige or ivory. What about you?


Blending Vintage and Modern Decor In Our New Family Room

In a highly anticipated YouTube video, I finally unveiled my new family room, a space that took an entire year to create. As an interior designer, I tend to prioritize my clients over personal projects, but this room holds a special place in my heart. From carefully selecting the rug to choosing the right furniture and accessories, I’ve poured my creativity and passion into every detail. Join me as I take you through the journey of transforming this room into a harmonious and timeless space.


The foundation of any well-designed room begins with the rug. I emphasized the importance of selecting the right rug, and I chose the Marion rug, designed by yours truly for Ruggable. Inspired by my numerous trips to Paris, this rug captures the essence of the city’s beauty with its elegant lines and folds. With the rug as the centerpiece, it set the tone and direction for the entire room.

To create a timeless and classical ambiance, I knew I needed to replace the existing floors. I opted for a beautiful herringbone White Oak floor in a color reminiscent of Parisian apartments. While the rest of the house featured solid three-quarter inch wood, I chose engineered floors for this room. Engineered floors have come a long way in terms of quality and aesthetics, and these new floors perfectly complemented the rug’s caramel tones. With the foundation set, I moved on to selecting the furniture, starting with the comfortable and stylish Saguaro sectional sofa from Anthropologie.

Adding unexpected elements and achieving a balance of shapes were crucial in designing this room. I incorporated a swivel chair, the CB2 mirror swivel chair in a gorgeous camel-colored velvet, paired with the Jax side table. The marble piece of the table, which would typically cost a fortune, was an affordable find from CB2, showcasing the brand’s impressive and affordable offerings. I also introduced a curvaceous credenza by Leanne Ford from Crate and Barrel, adding a touch of softness to the linear elements in the room. With a focus on harmony and balance, I carefully selected and restrained the number of pieces, creating a well-curated and inviting space.

Designing my own spaces always presents unique challenges, but the transformation of my family room was a labor of love. From the rug to the flooring, furniture, and accessories, each choice was deliberate and aimed at creating a timeless and elegant space. I invite you to watch the full YouTube video for a closer look at the stunning details and to find links to all the items mentioned. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to stay updated on more exciting design content. Together, we can continue to explore the art of interior design and create beautiful, inspiring spaces!



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The Power of Design: Small Space Solutions

I get tons of messages asking me to talk about how to design small spaces. I listened, so that’s what I’m going to do today.

    Small spaces are notoriously difficult to design and that’s because everything you put into your space has to have purpose and function as well as look good. Every item you include has to be intentional, well thought out and multi-use. I’m going to start with the best example of a small space design I’ve seen in a very long time and this is by Brigette Muller. Brigette has done a fantastic job of decorating her 500-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn. Obviously, she’s maximized her use of upper cabinets. (When you’re in a small space, you cannot forgo having upper cabinets. You will always need them for storage.) Another thing she’s done is create this seating bench with lots of pillows which can also double as storage. It could work to store your winter clothes or your spring/summer clothes. You can shift them back and forth according to the season.

Every room in this space, all of which is very small, is purposefully driven. Brigette has a lot of closet space where she can store things, but the apartment doesn’t look like one big giant closet because she has different pieces of furniture from different eras that’s she’s placed around the apartment for visual context and interest. She’s also been very good at disguising things, which is something you really should think about when transforming compact spaces into gorgeous and functional living areas. My favorite part of what Brigette has done is how she’s mounted her TV. She’s hung it clandestinely behind a piece of art and set it with other paintings on the wall. Whenever she wants to watch TV, she can just pull the swing arm up and settle in for an episode of White Lotus. It’s beautifully and imaginatively done and doesn’t look just another boring black screen.

Another thing she’s done beautifully is integrating the kitchen into the apartment without the entire place look like a kitchen. Why? Because the kitchen extends in a different cabinet that was on a dresser, that she’s repurposed with a marble top.

Something I’ve seen time and time again for small spaces that I really think you guys could even do yourself as a DIY project, is installing floating shelves. They are really quite hot and quite useful. In this small space, you can see that a floating shelf, a little deeper than usual, is being used as a desk. It can be great for a kitchen/office but here it’s being used for décor. Certainly, however, if you were having a dinner party, this shelf could double as your bar or your buffet.

Another hack in a small space is to have vertical storage. Storage is always going to be important because space is at a minimum. And the way not to make storage look boring is to place it next to a bench in a similar or identical style that makes it look like a longer unit. Here you can take off your shoes and store items. Underneath, there’s a basket that can be used for storing shoes or perhaps your mail. It ends up being a very useful, yet nice-looking area.

Small apartments can be difficult for entertaining. People fill up a room in seconds and everyone has to have somewhere to sit. A great way of bringing in extra seating is to put two poufs under a credenza. We did this in a super high-end New York apartment, giving the owner more seating for when he has friends over. Another genius way of integrating a double space into a single space is to float your vanity right next to and butted up against your credenza, so they look like one piece. It’s difficult in limited square footage to put a credenza next to a buffet next to a vanity table; it just looks junky. This idea allows you to get everything you need with a high level of style. And putting the credenza/vanity tablet in a corner is perfect because corners are usually dead spaces, or something that other people with larger homes don’t have to decorate. In the case of someone with a small apartment, however, this is a great way of making the space look more expansive. And a half mirror is a great way to maximize space and add style.


I want to show you a kitchen that is nicely incorporated into the living room of a small space. It has seating but the seating doesn’t go the entire length of the counter. And you have this lovely bar with this great vertical paneling, probably teak, and then there’s the living room that surrounds and envelops the kitchen. This makes the kitchen part of the living room rather than two distinct and separate spaces. It’s a homogenous look, which is what you need when you’re limited on square footage.

Remember, when designing a small space, all your choices must be judicious and serve more than one purpose. If you keep this in mind, you’ll end with everything you want, and everything you need.



Live Like A Parisian

There are endless reasons to visit Paris: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral where Mary Queen of Scots married Francois II on April 24, 1558 , the world-class shopping, the fabulous food, and the people-watching café culture made famous by writers Ernest Hemingway and Jean-Paul Sartre. Then there’s strolling along the River Seine and over its ultra-romantic bridges, the more than 130 museums, and those stupendous parks spread out before you in a feast for the senses.  And let’s not forget the famous hot chocolate and pastries at Angelina on the Rue de Rivoli. (You’ll put on five pounds in five minutes but don’t worry, you’ll work it off with all the walking you’ll do in this eminently walkable city.)

      But let me give you another reason to visit Paris: I am hosting a week’s trip for 10 to 30 people September 12-18 to the City of Lights and Reims through TrovaTrip and I would love to have you join me. We will hit every city highlight there is, eat like kings, shop ‘til we drop and drink Champagne like the pros, all for only $3599 for the first ten people who sign up. At that price you get seven nights at the four-star Crowne Plaza Republique, 11 activities, six breakfasts and two dinners, an experienced local guide and transfers to and from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. For one glorious week, we’ll experience the Parisian lifestyle just as Parisians do.

We’ll see the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, the Madeleine church and the Eiffel Tower, as well as the Tuileries Garden, a public garden created by Catherine de’ Medici in 1564. We’ll walk Paris’ trendiest neighborhood, Le Marais, and visit a typical Parisian market. Markets are ubiquitous in France and the French shop from them daily. We’ll also see Montmartre and its magnificent Church of the Sacred Heart, Sacre Coeur, roam through the Place du Tertre, the square known for its artists and cafes and visit Dali Paris, an exhibition dedicated to the works of the famous surrealist.

We’ll also travel to the city of Reims, where we’ll visit the 12th century Roman Catholic cathedral of Notre Dame de Reims where French kings were crowned, and go on a tour of a historic champagne house in the Champagne region. And of course we’ll tour the Palace of Versailles built by Louis XIV, and its gardens, just outside Paris. Look for the palace’s magnificent Hall of Mirrors.

Several spots on the trip have already been taken so don’t forget to look at the itinerary and sign up! It’s going to be so much fun. Au revoir!


My Dream Home – The NT Flip Project

Today I wanted to share my latest flip with you. After an entire year of construction an incredible amount of attention and love, this beautiful home is finally ready to make long-lasting memories in. When I take a moment to sit back and look around this sophisticated flip home, my heart feels full. My heart feels heavy, because not only is this a true representation of my aesthetic, but a true love letter to the principles of design and transformation.

We gutted this house and everything in it. Every item and system in the house is brand, spanking new and every part of the design and furnishings was lovingly and methodically thought out. We put in all the latest SMART features, and used natural materials like Italian marble and onyx in bathrooms and natural wood pieces and linens in the bedrooms. Thank you to all of my friends at Visual Lighting & Co, Pinky’s Iron Doors, Vesta Home and JennAir for outfitting my dream home.

We put in a foyer, which I think is important to have in any home, and we were lucky to have enough room to raise the ceiling in the entrance in a geometric pattern that mimicked an existing ceiling in one of the rooms in the house. (What’s great is that the foyer connects to den, the formal living room and the dining room for a great flow.) The entrance to a home is so much more than just a doorway. It’s the first impression, the greeting, the invitation. It should be welcoming and warm, yet also hold a hint of mystery and intrigue. After all, the journey is just as important as the destination.

My favorite part of the house is the arches, which we used as a theme. There were none here originally but now, wherever you stand throughout the house, you see arches one behind another, giving it a great visual flow. For me, the arches really made this home, and we carried on the theme with curved marble fireplaces and shower doors. I describe the house as transitional. The home has a mid-century modern shell but we designed the interior with classical features such as white oak herringbone floors, casing around – and blocks at the base – of doors, and then we staged it with mid-century furniture.

The Formal Living Room

White oak herringbone floors, Calacatta Monet marbled fireplace, mid century furniture, steel doors and a baby grand piano have created the perfect Parisian look.

The Onyx Powder room is truly a space of unparalleled elegance and sophistication. The pink onyx slab and integrated sink are simply breathtaking, and the brass structural pendant adds a touch of luxury.

The large dining room is a great mix of casual and high end: you have a very large, black polished oak table, black rounded marble fireplace and black steel French doors, juxtaposed with woven chairs that give the room a sense of informality and ease.

This stunning bathroom is attached to the office. The bookmatched Nero Marquina marble walls and Nero Marquina herringbone floor create a sense of elevated elegance and timeless sophistication that is sure to impress. The Matt black fixtures add a modern and cultivated touch to the space, creating a striking contrast against the marble and herringbone surfaces. But it’s not just the materials and finishes that make this bathroom so special. The finishing touches, like the Elizabeth Taylor classic framed photography on the walls, add a touch of nostalgia and sophistication. These elegant and timeless pieces add an extra layer of sophistication to the space, creating a truly luxurious and indulgent experience for the lucky homeowner.

The Primary Bedroom

The Primary Bathroom – I designed this curved shower glass door as an ode to the arches that are seen throughout the architecture of the house. Slabs of Antolini Silver Travertine Titanium Vein line the shower walls.

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic smile and sultry stare adds a captivating effect to any space, making her an ideal focal point for the mesmerizing primary bathroom. The antique-burnished brass and etched crystal sconces complete the overall look to create an inviting aesthetic that is calming, serene and glamorous.

The “No Kitchen Kitchen” – To have total artistic freedom to be able to create the kitchen of my dreams is precisely why doing a flip project is so rewarding. This kitchen exudes sophistication and refinement, with the addition of luxurious Calacatta Paola Vagli countertops and custom cabinets with discreet hidden hinges and the exclusive Nina Takesh applied moulding. The open and airy layout, characteristic of the “no kitchen kitchen” design, enhances the overall aesthetic of the space, creating a harmonious and elegant environment for culinary pursuits.

The combination of form and function in this kitchen is what truly sets it apart. Additionally, the inclusion of library sconces and flush mount mini pendants from Visual Comfort & Co enhances the overall ambiance of the room, casting a warm and inviting glow. The attention to detail and careful selection of every element in this kitchen truly makes it a one-of-a-kind.

The back yard is expansive and very private. When we first saw it, it was lacking maintenance and there was basketball court stuck in its middle. We opened the yard up and created a retaining wall, fire pit sit-down area, a dining area, and a white plaster hot tub for soaking in while gazing at the stars.

 This project was a true labor of love. It took a lot of time and dedication. When we first toured the home, it was a dilapidated ’50s house that hadn’t been touched since the 1970s and boy, did it look like it. But we saw the potential. Why? Because it was a 3300-square-foot, single-story home on a 20,000-square-foot flat lot with large, spacious rooms. Not to mention the lot has a private driveway! (It’s getting harder and harder to find those in Los Angeles.) As always, I hope to inspire you to follow your passions, thank you for letting me share mine.

Love, Nina Xx


My Dream Office with Lulu and Georgia

Hello lovely people! I am elated to share with you my INSANE office transformation. My home office desperately needed some TLC, and thanks to my friends at Lulu and Georgia, the space is now looking ultra-chic.

The transformation did not happen over night… some of you might remember what it looked like before the construction.

The pièce de résistance in the office is the Nina cabinets! We built these gorgeous floor-to-ceiling, touch latch cabinets.

What I love about them is that they mimic what would be paneling but inside they are extremely efficient for storage. I have all of my fabric samples, wood swatches, wallpaper samples, anything you can think of that I am going to need for work. I like everything to be hidden and very organized so that the room itself feels light and happy. It’s very important to make your space feel functional yet beautiful so that you can be more productive.

Next, I painted the walls white in my favorite color, Simply White by Benjamin Moore for a smooth, neutral base. Finally, I brought in all of my favorite pieces from Lulu and Georgia!

The Oasis Rug by Élan Byrd.

The Satine Office Chair. I love how the seat swivels but does not move across the rug. The neutral boucle fabric is very fabulous as well. I wanted the space to be neutral since I am always bombarded with colors while I’m working.

The Tatia Console Table.

The Marika Accent Chair.

The Justine Vase.

Thank you for reading, as always I hope to inspire you to create your own gorgeous and serene spaces!

Xx Nina


Nina’s Black Friday Deals

Looking for the best Black Friday clothing deals to finish out 2022 in style? Me too! We all know that Black Friday is the best time to shop for Christmas gifts… here are my picks, go ahead and treat yourself! Happy shopping!


Fashion Forward Fall Coats

It’s finally that time of year again… the leaves are falling and the air is feeling crisp and brisk. I want you to look and feel your best this holiday season, so I’ve gone ahead and searched far and wide for the most stylish coats that will keep you warm this winter!


The Importance of Ambient Lighting

Listen up, people! Recessed lighting is gone, over, done with.

We’re eliminating it completely in any new construction and new remodels. Recessed lighting is a thing of the past. We don’t want to see it. We don’t want to do it.

But since we’re maligning it so forcefully, let’s at least define what it is.

Classic recessed lighting is light bulbs contained inside a recessed housing in your ceiling to form a flush, flat ceiling mount fixture. Basic “pot” lights are about six inches round, typically white and with a slight ring around them that’s flush to the ceiling. The wiring sits inside the housing making for  unobtrusive lighting with a modern, clean look. (There is also tubular recessed lighting that is often used for hallways.) Some pot lights even pivot and there are some upscale, stylized versions in black and different materials like brass that are pretty. I even have recessed lights in my home. They used to be the thing, but they’ve had their day and need to move on. I think they look awful. 


Firstly, because they’re stale. And stale never works in good design.

Secondly, because all cans can do is to shine downward. This makes them act more like spotlights that illuminate a limited area. The light focuses on the area directly below it so you get patterns of dark and light instead of all-around light.


Finally, recessed lighting, also known as can lighting, emits downward lighting and downward lighting casts an unflattering shadow and glare on the face. So when people come over they don’t look their best. (Nor, more to the point, do you!)  Recessed lighting can also be a little sterile and prevents you from having your house look as good at it could with a more decorative hanging light fixture. 

There are three basic types of lighting that can improve a space: task lighting (for chopping carrots) accent lighting (for highlighting a special work of art), and ambient lighting, which gives you overall illumination in a room. Aside from the basic light function, ambient lighting improves the warmth and depth of a space, and allows you a comfortable level of illumination. You can also navigate the whole room with this lighting.

These days, designers are looking to incorporate much more ambient lighting into their designs, choosing between dramatic hanging fixtures, nightlights, slim pendants, lamps and track lights for their rooms. As you can see, this dining room has no recessed lighting. And this is a very high end home. They didn’t forget to put in can lighting. They chose not to put it in. The single pendant creates a glow and aura that could not have been achieved with recessed cans. 

The good news is that today’s light fixtures are gorgeous. And there are so many choices. In the flip I’m doing right now, in this bedroom, we’re seeing lovely beams but no recessed cans, aren’t we? Why? We have great pendant lighting over the nightstands and there’s already a lot of natural light coming in. In fact, there’s plenty of light in this room but none of it is coming from light cans. What people are doing now is bringing in a lot of interest to their spaces with light fixtures which they can now install without the interference of the round cans on the ceiling. Back in the day when recessed lighting was the norm, it really limited you on how you could add drama and beauty to your ceilings. Now you have the complete license to add both. 

This powder room has one pendant light. Why is that sufficient? Because powder rooms are not really places where you’re doing makeup or cooking or reading. (At least I hope they’re not!) And this attractive pendant light, asymmetrically placed will be reflected in the mirror, making the overall lighting in the room more than enough. 

And may I add: you must always, always and I mean it, always add dimmers on every single light in your home because you want to have control. 

LED lighting is a wonderful choice, too. If I could recreate this living room in my own house, I would do it tomorrow. Why is it such an amazing design? There are lots of reasons of course, but one of them is their use of LED lights that doesn’t look cheesy. Now remember, you can go a bit crazy with LED and create Vegas, which we don’t want. The process has to be done methodically, purposefully. You can’t just put LED lighting everywhere just because Nina said LED lights are the thing. In order to create this fluid, floating ceiling, you have to have these LED recessed, not as cans but as lighting on the periphery and circumference of the room. As for the peekaboo fireplace, love, love, love!

How designers are tackling the areas of a home that need more light can be illustrated with this dining room. The owner didn’t want just to have ambient lighting with this pendant, but also ambient task and/or art lighting. And the way that this is done is by placing flush-mounted task and art lighting on the ceiling. I just did for a client in New York, and the result is that when people come into the house, they always notice the beauty of the art. 

This next project is beautiful. It was published in Architectural Digest Mexico, designed by Sissy + Marley Design and shot by the same photographer I worked with in New York, Marco Ricca. What I absolutely love is this hallway because the designers used no recessed lighting.  Instead, they’ve put in a plethora of in-line, in-symmetry pendant lights that are so chic and run along the entire corridor. You can now create art with lighting so why not?

If you’re still not convinced about no recessed lighting, take a look at this room. It has this gorgeous, architectural, multi-light pendant. If you have a multi-light pendant you’re really on track to getting enough light for your space that’s ambient and warm. And remember, we always want to do warm lighting. A 2800- lumens is probably the right way to go. 

In conclusion I would like to say that when you’re designing your home or redesigning a space and have the ability to do a little bit of construction, think of placing pointers, little fixture pendants that are flush mounts. You can use big ones and then tiny ones ,and you can place them symmetrically or asymmetrically in order to make your statement. You can put them three over an island like I just did for a client, or a grouping over a beautiful statue.

One last thing. Track lighting is your friend. You may think it’s dated but I think it’s one of the best ways to be able to change furniture and other pieces and adjust the lighting.  It’s seamless and works beautifully in your home so you can illuminate the items you want to stand out. If you like how visible modern track lighting can be, this could be a good alternative to recessed lighting. It’s adaptable and adds a cool vibe to an open, contemporary style room.


Beautiful Butler’s Bar


I am so ecstatic to share with all of you my recently completed design! This bar is attached to my VIRAL “No Kitchen, Kitchen”.

Watch on my TikTok channel here:

We custom designed this butler’s bar so that the client could have access to all of her gorgeous barware while working in the kitchen. Not to mention, the incredible memories that are to be made while entertaining guests in this intimate space! Above the bar is a forged steel cabinet that is lit up by three scones with leather detailing from the fabulous Ralph Lauren for Circa Lighting. The cabinets were custom designed with a black honed marble for the counter.

I had such an amazing time tapping into my creativity and designing these spaces for my client. Let me know what items you want in your bar area! Xx