When decorating clients’ homes, I’ve noticed a real dilemma with all the device-charging accouterments lying about. Charging blocks everywhere and wires, cords and cables streaming out of every outlet like so much spaghetti. The result is a truly annoying eyesore. Some folks make do with cable clips and wire holders, but outlets can be the ruling factor for designing your space for most homes, so this matters. Nothing is worse than a charger running from one side of the room to another. It looks bad and is also  a trip hazard. The little things add up, and this is something that can be a designer’s worst nightmare. With modern technology going full speed ahead, I had to check out some trending tech-appliance companies who could solve the problem.

That’s why I want to introduce you to Courant. The company’s slender and stylish portable wireless charging pads, combining the best in tech and high-grade Italian leather, blend into any room, from offices to bar spaces to patios and bedrooms. No more bulky wires or tucking your charging cords into your couch. You just place your device on the pad and bingo! I personally love their Airpods Leather Case and the Catch:3 Charging Tray. The Catch:3 includes a slim-lined accessory tray, making it super easy to keep my important items all in one place. Running out the door is now more convenient than ever. I can charge my phone in the same area as my wallet and keys are, running no risks of leaving any valuables behind. Catch:3 is designed to be weighted and non-slip so your devices will stay put no matter what happens around them.

Catch:1, a single-device charger  is convenient for side tables and office desks, while Catch:2 provides charging for multiple phones, great for any large gatherings. The leather pad design is sleek and unobtrusive which makes it easier to place the charger in any room of the house without catching attention. All in all, this is a beautifully designed wireless solution built around any and all of your charging needs.

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