The 3 Design Styles Taking Over in 2022

There are some new design styles taking over in 2022 and I want to share some of the most interesting ones with you. The first is called Japandi, a style that combines elements of both traditional Japanese and Scandinavian rustic design. Though you may not think the two styles have much in common, each one’s aesthetics are rooted in simplicity, comfort, natural elements, soft hues and sustainability. (The name Japandi is a melding of Japan and “DI”, for Scandi.)

For example, we’re seeing designers incorporating feng shui – an ancient Chinese practice that configures a structure so as to harmonize it with its environment and with the spiritual forces that inhabit it. The idea is to ensure your surroundings are comfortable while still being ordered. We know Japanese interiors tend to be sleek and warmer in color while Nordic ones are more stark and crisp with generally cold palettes, so the combination of the two allows for a simple, minimalist but cozy style.

You’re going to see a lot of neutral tones: terracotta, white and a look focused on what I call structured minimalism. You have beautiful shapes, as in the lanterns in this living room and the chair that’s sitting in this particular living space with beautiful oak details. The essence of Japandi style is bringing the outdoors in, along with a lot of white space as you can see in these photos. There’s a lot of white, whether it’s in the chair or in a dining room that has mid-century lighting and white walls or carpet. This style also has a lot of sculptural elements. You’ll see curvaceous chairs with beautiful rounded backs and round rugs.

There’s a big emphasis on oval and rounded chairs and coffee tables and a lot of warm, rich, worn-in leather. The trend is not about being slick and clean and shiny. It’s about being comfortable and at one with your world. If you look at this shower, you’ll see it’s not tiled. Lots of designers are plastering shower walls these days, including me. It makes for a very soothing, warm style that Japandi is all about.

You’ve probably heard rumblings about the next design style I want to tell you about: Grandmillennial, and wondered, “What is that?”! I’m here to tell you! Grandmillennial is making its mark as “The New Traditional”, it’s really just the evolution of traditional design.

The Millennials have a great spin on this style rooted mostly in maximalism, where displaying collectibles and piling on becomes part of the design. There’s a lot of wallpaper with its traditional undertones and a tendency to use vintage pieces, which is great for the planet.

Grandmillennial style favors putting pieces together that are oddly juxtaposed. You’ll have colorful floral wallpaper like you see in this room, paired with this vintage light. Grandmillennial is a style that does not shy away from layering things, bringing things together and it’s a really fun style where the eye is stimulated from left to right.

Take this very interesting room, for example. The walls are pink and you have a beautiful emerald green velvet sofa from Kagan, an asymmetrical mirror and orange and green curtains that are really mixed up with velvet and tassels and trim with some check patterning. It’s maximalism at its most maximal and the polar opposite to Japandi, but it’s an engaging style that’s really fun to look at.

The third style emerging right now is called Neotenic design, a term coined in 2019 by designer Justin Donnelly to describe a playful style incorporating child-like forms. This style features softer structures and exaggerated scale and proportion with squishy, whimsical aesthetic that aims to soften the angularity and rigidity of contemporary furniture and décor.

This photo illustrates the look. You have the famous wavy mirror based on Ettore Sottsass’ original design, and these droll pieces of furniture with their extravagant volume. And don’t forget color. It’s everywhere. You’ll see chairs in purple and yellow and orange. And things that don’t seem to be in scale, yet then come together beautifully.

I think this style is going to be around for quite some time because it’s a look that grabs your attention and makes a statement. Because design isn’t only about having a beautiful home. It’s about making a statement. What does your home say about you?

The hottest trend right now is the material terrazzo, a composite of marble, granite, and quartz chippings set into cement.

It originated in 16th-century Italy as a way to reuse leftover stone and works well for residential and commercial buildings because it is almost indestructible. What I love about terrazzo is that as you use it over time, it hones and polishes itself and you’ll see specks of marble or other stone that you hadn’t seen before. And all that brings color. It was very hot in the 50s and 60s, especially in Los Angeles and you see people saving it now, not tearing it out. Terrazzo also comes in tiles.

People are making it themselves because it’s a cost-effective way to get flooring and so on into their homes. The best thing is that you can customize terrazzo so you get exactly what you want.

In this photo you’ll see stairs made of terrazzo next to a black handrail that is very striking and gives it a very modern look.

Terrazzo is also being used a lot in kitchens in gorgeous colors and in bathrooms where floors are notoriously difficult to keep clean. You can even put it out by the pool instead of concrete, adding color and life to your yard.

It’s taking over and I hope it stays around for a while because I love it!

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