A Look Behind My New Wallpaper Collection with belarteSTUDIO

I’m so thrilled to finally unveil my brand new wallpaper collection, a collaboration with the wonderful team at belarteSTUDIO.

For those who might not know me, my design journey began early on. Growing up between Tehran and Beverly Hills, I was surrounded by creativity. My architect father nurtured my love for space and form, while my grandfather’s artistic spirit fueled my desire for beauty. It’s no wonder I found myself drawn to design!

After exploring fashion in Paris and launching a successful children’s boutique in Los Angeles, I finally returned to my true calling – interiors. Building my own 6,000 square foot home was a turning point, pushing design boundaries and igniting a passion that led me to establish my own design firm.

Finding the Magic: Inspiration Everywhere

Inspiration strikes in the most unexpected places! My father’s architectural firm became my playground, and weekend open house tours sparked a lifelong fascination with diverse spaces. But there’s another side to my design process – the thrill of the hunt! I love scouring estate sales for unique pieces, those hidden gems that add a touch of the extraordinary.

The belarteSTUDIO Collaboration: A Marriage of Nature and Parisian Charm


One of the most exciting aspects of designing a wallpaper collection is helping you bring your vision to life. When it comes to integrating wallpaper, choosing the perfect focal point is key. Whether it’s a statement wall behind your bed or a conversation starter in your dining area, the right placement makes all the difference.

For this collection with belarteSTUDIO, we focused on creating a sense of warmth and character. Earthy tones, captivating landscapes, and organic shapes are central themes, adding both visual interest and a touch of cozy elegance.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Mixing textures and patterns can elevate your space. Pair the wallpaper with soft fabrics or contrasting patterns for added depth. Remember, every element contributes to the overall aesthetic.




A Glimpse into the Creative Process

My design approach is a blend of natural elements and personal inspirations. For this collection, I drew heavily from the rich colors and textures of materials like onyx and soil. The influence of Paris, where I spent a significant amount of time, is undeniable. The city’s iconic landmarks and romantic streetscapes are woven into the designs, adding a touch of timeless Parisian flair.

Seeing the dramatic transformation, from start to finish, was incredibly rewarding. It’s a testament to the power of design to create lasting memories and breathe new life into spaces.

I hope this collection inspires you to create your own unique haven. Be sure to explore the collection and let your creativity flow!


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