Blending Vintage and Modern Decor In Our New Family Room

In a highly anticipated YouTube video, I finally unveiled my new family room, a space that took an entire year to create. As an interior designer, I tend to prioritize my clients over personal projects, but this room holds a special place in my heart. From carefully selecting the rug to choosing the right furniture and accessories, I’ve poured my creativity and passion into every detail. Join me as I take you through the journey of transforming this room into a harmonious and timeless space.


The foundation of any well-designed room begins with the rug. I emphasized the importance of selecting the right rug, and I chose the Marion rug, designed by yours truly for Ruggable. Inspired by my numerous trips to Paris, this rug captures the essence of the city’s beauty with its elegant lines and folds. With the rug as the centerpiece, it set the tone and direction for the entire room.

To create a timeless and classical ambiance, I knew I needed to replace the existing floors. I opted for a beautiful herringbone White Oak floor in a color reminiscent of Parisian apartments. While the rest of the house featured solid three-quarter inch wood, I chose engineered floors for this room. Engineered floors have come a long way in terms of quality and aesthetics, and these new floors perfectly complemented the rug’s caramel tones. With the foundation set, I moved on to selecting the furniture, starting with the comfortable and stylish Saguaro sectional sofa from Anthropologie.

Adding unexpected elements and achieving a balance of shapes were crucial in designing this room. I incorporated a swivel chair, the CB2 mirror swivel chair in a gorgeous camel-colored velvet, paired with the Jax side table. The marble piece of the table, which would typically cost a fortune, was an affordable find from CB2, showcasing the brand’s impressive and affordable offerings. I also introduced a curvaceous credenza by Leanne Ford from Crate and Barrel, adding a touch of softness to the linear elements in the room. With a focus on harmony and balance, I carefully selected and restrained the number of pieces, creating a well-curated and inviting space.

Designing my own spaces always presents unique challenges, but the transformation of my family room was a labor of love. From the rug to the flooring, furniture, and accessories, each choice was deliberate and aimed at creating a timeless and elegant space. I invite you to watch the full YouTube video for a closer look at the stunning details and to find links to all the items mentioned. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to stay updated on more exciting design content. Together, we can continue to explore the art of interior design and create beautiful, inspiring spaces!



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