Celebrating Autumn with Anthropologie

I’m thrilled to finally be able to announce my Ambassadorship with Anthropologie. Getting to share with you my favorite selections from this season’s offerings at AnthroLiving that adorn my own home, feels like the greatest gift of the season. And creating a meticulously flawless fall tablescape is one of my favorite ways to transform everyday moments into special occasions and usher in the beginning of the season’s festivities.

My tablescape is a mix of muted earth-tones and lighter pastels punctuated with elegant splashes of white (candlesticks and roses) and gold (silverware), which reflects off the dining table as a warm glow and is the tablescape’s bling. I chose elegant chargers in the palest pink, and complementary pink Ismay plates to go on top. Carefully crafted from decaled stoneware, they have a Napa-inspired, floral pattern rendered in a painterly style that’s perfect for fall’s feasts. I also went for AnthroLiving’s pink, organically shaped, handcrafted glass Lyla Vases that are perfect for holiday bouquets and don’t take up much actual or visual space on your table.

My Flora Taper Candle Holders are whimsically delicate and have a floral finish. Who knew glass isn’t the only option for candlesticks?! These beautiful pieces are made of hand-cast aluminum, brass and engineered wood and would look great anywhere in your home grouped together as a mini-collection.

I laid thick, luxurious white linen napkins under the chargers leaving the top of the Ismay plate open for AnthroLiving’s Serenity Scented Tassel in sage. I know it is not the traditional use for a tassel, but I thought it might be a fun way to dress up the table and perfume the air with delicious fall scents of juniper, sage, smoky hickory and blackened birch. I also used mini white pumpkins and a spray of dark green leaves in a nod to the darker tones of autumn.

Remember: when you are creating your own tablescape for the upcoming holidays, always go first with what you like, what looks pretty to you. Be confident in your choices. Pink is not a color associated with Thanksgiving or Christmas, but look at how effective it is in the table’s mix of dark and light colors.

Wishing you the best of the season’s festivities!

Flora Taper Candle Holder
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