I’m overjoyed to unveil my latest flip project, a culmination of countless hours of creativity and craftsmanship. This magnificent home has been a canvas for my deepest design aspirations, and I’m thrilled to share the transformation with all of you.

Our journey commences in the kitchen. This space is a testament to the seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality. A pristine white palette with glistening brass accents sets the tone for an air of sophistication. A Nero Marquina Low marble island stands proudly, an embodiment of luxury and practicality. With built-in appliances discreetly integrated, this kitchen is a chef’s dream come true.

Venturing further, we arrive at a versatile niche space. It houses a grand piano, a symphony in its own right, ready to serenade the space with melodic notes. Nearby, a round table with comfortable seating provides the perfect setting for intimate conversations or creative pursuits. This niche is where art and music converge harmoniously. an absolute gem—an onyx marble bar. This elegant addition exudes opulence, with its translucent, honey-toned onyx marble surface. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink, entertain guests, or simply bask in the beauty of this exquisite material.

Now, let’s explore the luxurious living room. A floor-to-ceiling marble fireplace commands attention, radiating opulence and warmth. Expansive sliding doors create a seamless indoor-outdoor connection, allowing nature to become an integral part of the design. An L-shaped couch and two accent chairs encircle a spacious glass-top coffee table, creating a cozy yet inviting seating area.

But that’s not all; a hidden gem awaits behind the L-shaped couch. Here, a curved couch faces the fireplace, flanked by two exquisite armchairs. It’s a cocoon of comfort—a place for intimate conversations and cherished moments.

This flip project has been a labor of love, a canvas where my passion for design and attention to detail have truly flourished. From material selection to furniture arrangement, every element has been meticulously considered to inspire and elevate daily living.

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