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The year 2020 was a reset year in which we sought out ways to make our lives less complicated. Whether it was investing in our own set of dumbbells,  ordering hair cutting shears, or bidding farewell to fancy manicures, we moved away from high-maintenance beauty regimens in favor of a simpler, cleaner life. This is precisely what Katherine Power, co-founder of fashion brand WhoWhatWear, was chanting when in January, she launched her new makeup line, Merit Beauty, and its five-minute makeup routine.  

This concept was perfect for the days of quarantines and lock downs. Gone were the hours of contouring and creating smokey eyes as we shifted eagerly to the luxury of minimalism. After years of using 20 different concealers, mascaras, and eye shadows I was delighted to discover Katherine has developed a line that requires only five essential yet powerful products.

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I could not have asked for a more ideal makeup line. I have always been a makeup lover, but the multiple steps of an average routine require time that I simply don’t have. Why waste expensive and heavy products when I have to wear a mask throughout the day? Merit promises luminous and flawless skin with eco-friendly and cruelty-free products, and I don’t think I could ever go back to my old routines. The line leaves my skin feeling fresh and light, and the DayGlow complexion stick is the perfect product for to replace heavy foundations or concealers.  Merit also offers eco-friendly tools, like Brush No. 1, to blend the complexion stick onto my skin. To add color, I’ve dab the Flush Balm onto my cheeks with my fingers. Instead of creating a mess with a thousand brushes, Merit’s products are designed for simplicity and those on the go, making vanity messes disappear. 

Katherine is a powerhouse with an immense knowledge of the fashion and beauty industry. She has so many unique ideas and tips that I couldn’t wait to give this makeup line a try. The Brow 1980 gel is one of my favorite gels. It brings the look together and makes my brows feel bold and full. To finish off the perfect eye look there’s the Clean Lash lengthening mascara. I’ve been using the same mascara for years, so it would have to take something extraordinary for me to make the switch. The Merit mascara is non-toxic and light but lengthens my lashes giving me that perfect feathery look. It also lasts all day without running. Yay! Finally, no look is complete without lip color. The sheer, tinted lip oil nourishes my lips but still has the luxurious feel that other glosses give. It’s the perfect lip for everyday activities like running errands and going to work. I love a natural color, and the Au Naturel shade fits my needs perfectly. I have to say my favorite part about the lipstick is that it does not have a scent.

I’m loving the extra time I have in the mornings since my routine has been considerably shortened, not to mention not having to worry about heavy products that are harsh on my skin. Merit beauty has incredible products that I now cannot live without. Check out my tutorial video for an easy step-by-step application process.

Day Glow
Highlighting Balm
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Brush No.1
Blending Brush
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Flush Balm
Cheek Color
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Brow 1980
Volumizing Pomade
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Clean Lash
Lengthening Mascara
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Shade Slick
Tinted Lip Oil
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