The Ruggable x Nina Takesh Rug Collection

One of the highlights of my life has been designing a collection of low-pile chenille rugs with Ruggable. I never thought I would have this unique opportunity to share my designs with people all over this country and in Canada and the U.K. When Ruggable called and said they had done a collaboration with the designer Jonathan Adler which had gone well and now wanted to do one with me, I said, “Who? Moi? Me?’’

I was so excited and said I would like nothing better than for people to have a washable option for their rugs. And that’s why Ruggable is so special. You can wash their rugs! This makes them easy to live with, and allows you to have a pet in the home, which, as you can see, I now have in baby Oscar. Oscar arrived at the same time as my rugs launched and let me tell you, the rugs’ washability factor has been very helpful so far.

Ruggable is one of the first companies to make washable rugs. Why would you want to wash your rugs? Why not? If you have an accident, (or your dog does!) or people over to your house spilling wine everywhere, you won’t fret because you know everything will come out in the wash. I don’t usually serve red wine but now I ask myself, why not grab a Chianti? And being affordable, you buy two or three and change the look of your room whenever you want.

You can see all the rugs, inspired by Paris, my favorite city in the world, online, but I’m going to show you some of my favorites. My Seine rug with its abstract swirl design comes in ivory with black, sage or camel, and is named for the famous river that runs alongside the streets of Paris and mimics its subtle and tranquil flow.

I have the ivory and camel version in my dining room which I think is a perfect neutral and works with an entire host of different aesthetics, time periods and design motifs. It lends itself to modern and Mid Century along with contemporary and something a little edgier than that, too. The design makes it versatile and we all need versatile pieces for our homes.

The Marion collection has rugs in ivory with camel or black and a cobweb of intersecting lines that reflect the busy streets of Paris. It’s also an ode to my very first pair of shoes with a kitten heel that my parents finally allowed me to get when I was 13. They had black splatter over them and I was obsessed with them, and truth to tell, I still am!

I have a bunch of my rugs peppered throughout my home and they work well with my overall look. As I told you, the one I’m using in my dining room is the Seine rug but in ivory and camel and I can’t tell you how it brought the room together. In my family room, I have the Marion rug in camel which has made it a great space for me to hang out with my family and Oscar worry-free. Ruggable’s two-piece system creates rugs that come in two pieces: a lightweight, removable cover over a clingy, non-slip pad that keeps the cover securely in place. When it’s time for a wash – (or you’ve got a new puppy!) – you peel off the cover, throw it in the wash, and voilà—the rug is as good as new! It’s the low-maintenance solution we’ve all been searching for! Oscar has been hard on this rug. He’s had a few accidents and his sharp little nails have been all over it yet the rug is so well made there has been zero wear and tear. It was important for me to partner with a company that produces quality products that look high-end and are affordably priced.

My Loire rug in Ivory Quartz features an abstract swirl of shapes and lines in cream, dark grey, off-white, and deep dusty rose. Essentially it’s an abstract watercolor with a floral design. Here it is pictured under my bed in my primary bedroom. The rug is also very soothing and subtle with muted colors. I wanted it to be for bedrooms and other rooms where you’re trying to create a calming effect.

I love these rugs and I hope you will, too.

All photography has kindly been provided by the Ruggable team.

Seine Rug in Ivory & Black
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Seine Rug in Ivory & Sage
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Seine Rug in Ivory & Camel
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Lune Rug in Slate Blue
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Lune Rug in Charcoal
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Marion Rug in Black & Ivory
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Marion Rug in Camel & Ivory
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Aude Rug in Teal & Ivory
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Aude Rug in Creme
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Loire Rug in Ivory Quartz
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Villette Rug in Greyscale
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Villette Rug in Sage
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