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Being proactive about my health is something I can plan, but it hasn’t always been something I focus on. I wanted to set some balance in my life. After all,l I’m a busy gal! It seemed impossible to do until I did my research and learned the benefits of CBD.

Many questions and answers later, I decided to try out Equilibria’s premium CBD products. The co-founders are both women who source their plants from a 1,100-acre partner farm in Colorado. Their products are all free of GMOs, solvents and heavy metals, and are pesticide- and herbicide-free, ensuring top quality harvesting and no BS. I am all for it.

Aside from the pain and symptom relief aspect, I wanted to see if my overall well-being would improve. It has been a few weeks now, and I already feel a shift. I like the fact that you can use CBD topically and orally while still claiming the benefits. Equilibria offers an array of products all designed for specific needs with us in mind, ladies.

For the newcomers who want to get the full benefits of CBD, stay consistent, and the rest will speak for itself. In addition, the company’s website allows you to take a quick quiz to discover the products that best fit you based on the answers you provide. Finally, for anyone just looking to up their CBD routine or try some new products out, there are some fantastic reviews to back up the brand.

Besides the daily drops and softgels, I considered partnering my daily dose with some personable add-ons. For example, I love the Rapid Calming Melts and Relief Balm. The melts are an excellent way for me to clear my head and give myself a breather. I can also apply the balm to those aches and pains I get throughout the day. Not only am I working from the inside out, but it’s great to have some add-ons for when I need them. I could even take a nice hot bath with some of their Mindful Mineral Soak Bath Salts and Bath Bombs. The relaxing properties of CBD with daily use make a difference in your everyday routines. In a way, it kind of feels like I’m treating myself, on top of already treating myself. Funny how that works, huh?

There have been many struggles and setbacks this year, but I can only hope for the best as time goes on. I’ve changed bad habits into new routines that help my physical being and my mental health. It all starts from within, and I can honestly say I am doing a lot better in that department. I am thrilled that I found these products, and I plan to stick to a daily routine to fully capture all the beautiful benefits. Thank you, Equilibria.

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