Introducing My Latest Flip Project

Welcome back, everyone! I’m thrilled to take you through our latest home renovation project. This transformation was unexpected, but it turned out to be a spectacular success. Join me as I walk you through our journey of turning an older house into a stunning gem that sold faster than we ever imagined.

Our journey with this house started somewhat impulsively. After successfully completing our last project, we were itching to dive into another one. The initial plan was straightforward: purchase the house, perform a minor gut remodel, rent it out for a couple of years, and eventually tear it down to build our dream mid-century home. Life, however, had other plans.

Once the renovation was complete and the house was ready for rent, fate intervened. Someone fell in love with it, despite our minimal budget renovations, and decided to purchase it immediately. This unexpected turn of events led to an unplanned sale, turning what we thought would be a rental into a quick and budget-friendly renovation project. We decided to retain the house’s structure, including its windows and wood floors, which were in great condition. We focused on renovating every space, including bathrooms, the kitchen, and closets, while keeping the overall structure intact.

The journey through this house starts in the formal living room. We anchored the room with a stunning new rug and furnished it with budget-friendly but stylish pieces from various sources, including CB2.

In the dining room, we used a versatile light fixture that complements any table shape, ensuring the space felt open and inviting. This was a strategic move since we didn’t know what the new homeowners or renters would bring into the space.

The kitchen was a highlight of this project. We spared no expense on the stunning Calacatta gold marble countertops, creating a wow factor in the heart of the home. We also installed pop-up outlets to maintain a clean backsplash look.

The primary bedroom received a complete overhaul. We introduced new built-in closet systems that not only add to the room’s aesthetics but also enhance its functionality. The choice of furnishings and decor was deliberate, creating a tranquil retreat for the homeowner to unwind in.

In the guest bedroom, our approach was simplicity and practicality. We repainted, sanded the floors, and introduced carefully selected furniture pieces. These budget-friendly additions came from sources like Amazon, proving that you can create a welcoming space without breaking the bank.

For the nursery, we aimed to infuse whimsy and charm. This room features a beautiful hand-carved Italian crib, an heirloom piece that exudes elegance and craftsmanship. Fun elements like an oversized bear, an adorable horse, and playful ABC blocks add a touch of childhood magic.

With the rise of remote work, we knew that an inviting office space was essential. We selected a desk from Wayfair and placed the iconic CB2 Gwyneth chair in the corner. This room demonstrates that a functional workspace can also be aesthetically pleasing.

The primary bathroom, being a crucial part of the home, received the same meticulous treatment. We undertook a full gut renovation here as well, starting with the removal of the old fixtures and finishes. To achieve a sophisticated look while staying budget-conscious, we chose large porcelain tiles for the shower walls, making a statement of luxury and minimalism. These oversized tiles, measuring 50 by 38 inches, were placed vertically, creating a stunning visual effect. The same tiles extended onto the bathroom floor, ensuring a seamless transition from one surface to another. With a focus on simplicity and quality, we aimed to create a space where relaxation and rejuvenation take center stage.

Just like in the primary bathroom, we didn’t hold back in the guest bathroom. We performed a full gut renovation, completely transforming the space. The highlight of this bathroom is the beautiful hexagon-shaped tiles that adorn the floors, giving the room a unique and visually appealing texture. To keep costs in check, we paired these with large porcelain tiles for the shower walls and tub enclosure, creating an elegant contrast. This combination not only looks expensive but also keeps the design consistent and cohesive.

Now, let’s talk about a part of the house that I just couldn’t resist going all out on – the powder room. You see, I have a weakness for designing spaces that exude extravagance and beauty. So, when it came to the powder room, there was no room for compromise. We continued the flooring pattern from the main part of the house into the powder room, creating a seamless transition.

The real showstopper, however, is the custom-designed sink. I can’t help myself when it comes to creating unique pieces that elevate a space. For the sink’s material, we chose Viola marble, a stunning Calacatta variety. This marble is known for its exquisite veining and luxurious appearance. Our reasoning? We wanted whoever walked into that powder room to experience a moment of pure admiration for the house. Little did we know that this decision would make such an impact.

The exterior of the house is where the real magic happened. We transformed the backyard into a stunning oasis, with a pergola for shade, gravel pathways, drought-resistant landscaping, and elegant lighting that turns the garden into a breathtaking sight at night.

This unexpected renovation project turned an older house into a true gem. It’s a testament to how creativity, budget-consciousness, and a love for interior design can transform any space into something extraordinary.  I can’t wait to share more projects with you in the future.


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