Kitchen Organization

During 2020 our homes became more than just the place we return to after work. They became our offices, schools and restaurants all at once. With a family working and learning at home, it became crucial that the kitchen of my dreams remained decluttered, but also extremely functional. 

Whether with an apartment or a home, I run into tall, deep cabinets in every kitchen. This can often be frustrating. No one wants to constantly bend down or reach all the way back in order to grab something. For my cabinet, my husband (a big shout-out to him!) installed bamboo drawers that serve as storage for our kitchen necessities. These drawers are incredibly easy to install and organize. I store daily-use things like  garbage bags, sponges, and bottles of cleaning products in them, and grabbing them is so much easier because you’re not shoving bottles back into disorganized shelves. 

If your family is anything like mine, each member likes a different cereal. These open, cardboard boxes are the bane of my existence and I knew I had to find a solution to organize the cereals within them. I found these amazing plastic bins, made specifically for cereal and they have saved my life. They hold exactly the amount of cereal in the boxes and come with a vacuum-locked seal that prevents them from going stale. 

I love my beautiful white sink and I want to keep free of clutter, while also maintaining its function. Sponges are a necessity for keeping our dishes clean, but I’m not a fan of how they look. I bought a white sponge holder that hooks onto the sides so that the sponge is out of the way, while still close enough to use. Speaking of sponges, I have been loving the sponge daddy sponge I learned about from Shark Tank. It’s eco-friendly, hard on one side and soft on the other, and activated by water. With all that in mind, I love washing my dishes by hand. However, I find that with most regular gloves for washing dishes, water drips into them, causing more mess than I began with. These new gloves that I purchased have little wings at the end of them that prevent water from dripping in. 

I’m a huge salad person and I love having all the things I need for them easily accessible. In my cabinets, I have turntables where I can store all the things I need, and make it incredibly easy to find what I am looking for. There are several sizes and styles that you can choose from to fit your kitchen’s aesthetic. Of course, these can be functional for anything you may like to store on them, like seasonings, soups, or anything else you may think of. 

Oh, the cutlery drawer. It gets disorganized and slammed too hard along with spoons ending up with forks, and butter knives with chopsticks. The solution I found is the Rev-a-shelf inserts that keep the cutlery organized at all times. These inserts come in a large size, and all you have to do is cut it down to the size of your drawer (a saw of some sort is needed). I also found a wonderful knife caddy from The Container Store that keeps them clean and organized. 

I mentioned before that you can use turntables for organization, but I have a few other solutions that you may want to try for yourself. Spice drawers and cabinets are typically the first things in my house to become dirty and cluttered, so I’m always searching for the best way to keep them clean. I have a three-tier bamboo rack that I am obsessed with. The tiers allow you to locate the one spice you may be looking for without digging through a bunch of them. I also took my spice rack organization one step further transferring them to jars from Ikea. I then just typed out the names of each spice, printed and taped them onto the front of the jar. I love how unified it looks, and keeping it organized is that much easier. 

Having a designated spot for your items helps maintain a clean space. Tea is one of my favorite things to have in the house and the bags can easily become cluttered and difficult to find. I love this perfect tea storage that makes searching for your desired tea a piece of cake.

I just couldn’t do a kitchen video without my favorite part of my kitchen, the Rev-a-shelf that houses my mixer. It makes the process of baking that much easier and eradicates having to pick up the mixer each time it gets used. 

The last kitchen organization tip I’m going to share with you is my favorite wine holder. This is perfect for any dinner party so that washing your glasses becomes incredibly easy. Like most, I like to wash my glasses by hand and this portable and easy-to-store stand keeps them beautifully clean and ready to use for the next party. 

Click here to watch my video on Kitchen Organization!

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