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You won’t believe the great things I found at West Elm recently. You’ll love them, so come shopping with me!

I love these chairs. They’re copies of ones by Marco Zanuso and I actually just bought some original Zanuso chairs and they’re being shipped from Europe to me. Zanuso was a leading Italian modernist designer and architect and I do really like these copies and their color, which is fun and fresh. This is a very good find right now at West Elm and the price points are really quite good. And these chairs are nice and heavy. When you buy from catalogs or online you don’t get an idea of the quality of the pieces you’re buying. These chairs were regularly $699 and up and they’re on sale for $599.

I’m always looking for pieces for outdoors, for myself and for my clients, and I like to mix and match. Although I feel like my outdoor pieces are a little bit too matchy currently, but what can you do? I love this Monti Lava stone side table. It’s priced at $199, is nice and heavy and looks good. And the lava stone coffee table has statement sculptural legs that draw the eye, in and out of the house.

The store had a good selection of natural pillows with fun textures and all the same color and great to display on your sofa to give is a clean, fresh vibe.

This planter is made to look like concrete but actually made from a lightweight composite that’s easy to move around. And it’s frost proof. It comes in a bunch of different sizes priced at a range of $89 to $549, although they’re also on sale now. I love these gigantic ones and I’m going to buy some! This is a definite must-have if you’re looking for outdoor items at an incredible price.

I also love this planter, also made of a lightweight composite. It comes in three different sizes and has this pretty fluting.

This next planter is extra special. It’s called the Cecilia and is my favorite planter of this season.

The marble items catch my eye next. What a surprise! I love marble anything and these platters are fantastic. (The small one is $38.) They come in different sizes and have multiple uses. You can even put the small one on your kitchen counter as a spoon rest. So think outside of the box. Marble platters of any size are always a fun thing.

This light fixture really caught my eye. I love this mid-century look. Obviously it’s a copy. We all know it’s a copy but for $699, it’s great. The fixture is made of steel and dark bronze and I think it’s very chic.

They also have a Serge Mouille copy that I think looks fantastic. He was a French industrial designer and goldsmith known best for his light fixture designs. This copy is a really great chandelier, perfect for a round dining table, a definite must-have!

This leather chair really beckons to me. A piece inspired by Brazilian mid-century designs, it’s comfortable with an angular back and smooth curved arms. It’s a little light, but I like it. I do wish it could be heavier and more substantial.

In this bedroom area I love this screen. It has natural caning which contrasts with its lacquered finish, and the kiln-dried wood gives you privacy. Even if you don’t need privacy, this screen is a great way to divide a room.

Here’s a great swivel chair. I like the fabric, kind of a beige/gray, but what I’m really excited about is this coffee table, the Maddox table that has a solid white marble top with engineered wood backing and a mango wood base in a white finish.

It looks super expensive and the fact that it has a pure marble top makes it a winner. At $799 and sustainably sourced, you can’t do any better.

As far as accessories go, I don’t personally like to over accessorize but when I find something good like these wooden links, I get super excited. This is expensive, $110, but it makes an impact. I also found two other accessories that I like. I like the smaller one better. It’s on a real marble base and would look great placed on a stack of books.

The Hargrove coffee table is the perfect square and has rounded edges. It feels nice and heavy, looks good and has cute little drawers where you can hide games, kids’ toys and so on. It’s $899.

This chair stopped me in my tracks. What I like about it is that it’s nice and wide and really makes a statement. If you have a large space or a corner you want to fill up, this chair would do nicely. It’s comfortable, it swivels and I say, go for it!

This bed is such a great find. If you want to get the super luxurious hotel look, buy three duvets and a feather pillow topper. You’ll sweat to death but at least you’ll get the look.

There’s a wicker chair I have to show you before I leave because I don’t think I can live without it. She’s perfect and is coming home with me. The chair has this curvy form that adds volume to any room and cushions for comfort. At $699, this is a good deal. Who knows how long it will last but for $699 who cares?

Finally, this bench has elegant curves, a nice thick cushion and slim metal legs. For in front of a queen bed, this is a home run.

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